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anjrz asked:

how often do you do the korean regime? it looks amazing

every day and night but day i stop at emulsion if i dont need that much moisture for the day like summer days 

have yall seen lakshmi menon’s instagram omg i die i die I FUCKIN DIE



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korean skincare regimen

as suggested by elle, intothegloss, & youtube videos

 if youre looking for like a quick, minimal effort kind of skincare, this is not for you. NOT FOR YOU. do not misunderstand me when i say that cus this shit is extensive

  1. cleansing oil: the face shop’s rice water cleansing oil*
  2. gentle cleanser: cetaphil gentle cleanser
  3. toner: neutrogena alcohol free toner
  4. essence: secret key essence* 
  5. emulsion: etude emulsion collagen lotion*
  6. moisturizer: skinfood royal honey hydro cream*
  7. eye cream: etude collagen eye cream*

* korean products

this isnt even all of it, there still the ampoule, but I didnt include that in mine. all of these can be purchased through amazon. yall can copy and paste the names, i aint about to link it

also v. important the most expensive product on here is like $23

mangoestho replied to your post: robes are my uniform and plants are my…

1. GOD! 2. Have you been doing the korean skincare routine b/c lordddtttt

dude yessss and omg 10/10 would recommend if you wanna know products and steps lmk

Givenchy S/S 2015 at PFW

Lakshmi Menon for CR Fashion Book Issue #3

robes are my uniform and plants are my pets


the site i use to buy books.